Home crush

Today, I've got a big home crush on this modern Japanese apartment designs by Sinato

So bright and airy. I don't mind living here! Wanna see more?




I have recently discovered Noritake while I was visiting Shibuya Books for my pop up store.

Noritake is an artist / illustrator based in Japan. I love the simplicity of his design and I couldn't help

but brought the calendar home with me!

Visit his online store, here

Mini Popup

Great news! I’m extending the showcase for one more month! If you missed it last month, we will be

here all through November. Drop by if you are in the neighbourhood!

Where: Shibuya book publishing

Address: 17-3 Kamiyamachō, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan

Hope to see you there!


Sorry for being away from blogging for a whole month! I blame the good summer weather

for being so bright and warm that I wanted to stay indoors as little as possible!

If you're my instagram follower, you might have noticed that I'm having a small show case this month

in Shibuya, Tokyo at Shibuya book publishing. If you are in Tokyo in October or around the

neighbourhood, why not drop by for fun? The bookstore is also a very cool place to visit!

When: October 1-31

Where: Shibuya book publishing

Address: 17-3 Kamiyamachō, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan

Hope to see you soon!


Freelance life

I have been admiring Satsuki Shibuya's works and followed her blog for quite sometime now.

I don’t know why it took me so long to discover her video seminar, here, in 2013.

As a freelancer, I found her lecture so helpful in focusing on what I need to do on a daily basis

and where I should invest my energy into. I hope you find the video helpful as much as I did :)


Pretty things I found on pinterest


Around here

Postcard and shop packaging / Lazy Sunday simple toasts / Quartz ring I have been working on

花火 / Hanabi

Last Saturday, I got some tickets to see a fireworks show in Itabashi.

It was my very first official hanabi show in Japan as I usually take-a-peek at them through my windows!

Although the weather was brutally hot and the train was all packed like this (not joking!),

I really did enjoy the show and summer street food! Hope you love the photos, my favorite is the second photo.

I think it looks more like the universe than fireworks :)

Summer favorites

Summer favorites:

I love ugly watch // Curve earrings // Ceylon bubble milk tea!

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